2014 Character Reviews

Recently, I’ve become increasingly conscious of all I miss by not having a regular outlet to direct my fleeting thoughts about the various bits and bobs of popular culture that absorb my attention (films, tvshows, performances, books, etc). Not only do I miss the pleasures of writing casually about the things that capture my fancy, but I also miss the promise of an audience perhaps reading that what I write — a pleasure/promise that I found so sustaining during the years I wrote regularly about film at my original StinkyLulu blog. I find that I’m also missing out on catching those thoughts before they disappear into the ether of the next day’s wanderings. So, to perhaps address all these missing things, I’ve resolved to undertake a little blog-experiment. Over at my StinkyLulu tumblr page, where I do capture my daily doodles, I’ve decided to start posting capsule reviews of what I’m seeing in 2014. My adopted conceit for this experiment? Each review will be comprised of only and precisely “2014 characters” (roughly 325 words), so as to both limit the scale of my ramblings and also to impose a bit of proofreaderly rigor. Because I expect that I will post these 2014 Character Reviews all over the place (though probably mostly over at my StinkyLulu tumblr), I will use this page as a linking-index of sorts, a “table of contents” as it were for all the capsule reviews as they come in. So, with the proviso that at any time I might totally change these rules or abandon this scheme altogether, here goes…


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